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Volunteer with us

There are many ways to get involved with the Labour Party. Find out about our volunteering opportunities or sign up here to help out.


Sending out leaflets and letters from our local campaign is one of the most effective ways of persuading people to turn out and vote Labour.

You can either go out delivering in a team of volunteers, stand on a street stall, or sign up to deliver regularly around your local neighbourhood. We need leafleters across the whole constituency.

Speaking to voters on the doorstep

The most valuable thing you can do for the campaign is talking to people on the doorstep, sometimes called ‘canvassing’.

Meeting voters face-to-face lets us understand which issues are most important to them, and identify who is likely to vote Labour and who still needs to be persuaded. You don’t need to debate or have an answer to all their questions, just offer a friendly face and listen to their views.

You’ll always be teamed up with experienced canvassers who will show you the ropes and answer any questions you have, and you can watch our introduction to canvassing video below.

I’m a bit nervous – what can I expect on my first campaign session?

First of all, we can promise you’ll get a warm welcome from your local party – you’ll be teamed up with an experienced campaigner to start off with and they’ll be able to show you the ropes and answer any questions you might have. People do expect us to knock on their doors – especially at election time, and most people are friendly and interested.


It’s a great way to meet fellow members and supporters too, and sessions are often followed by a trip to a café or pub.

Office support on polling day

If you can’t go out campaigning, there’s always useful work to help with in our campaign offices.

From stuffing envelopes, to entering data, to making refreshments for other volunteers on a break, a campaign is a team effort and it depends on this important support work. There really is a job for everyone.

Sharing our social media

The most persuasive person to deliver a political message is someone a voter already likes and trusts. Sharing Labour content on your social media is a great way for you to make a personal case for why Labour needs to win this election to your friends and family.

You can follow our social media here.

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Calling voters by phone

If you can’t make it to a battleground seat, Labour Party members can still help key campaigns across the country from where you are by calling up key voters using our voter phone-survey tool – Dialogue.

You can either start making calls whenever you have some free time, or sign up to the National Phonebanking Taskforce to join a group of like-minded volunteers, either virtually on a video call or in a venue in your area.

Dialogue is currently only available to registered Labour Members, so join today to get started.

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