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A mission-driven Runnymede

Britain and Runnymede need a mission-driven government to follow on from 26 years of plaster sticking politics from the Conservatives who have taken their positions for granted.

Labour in power will deliver on these missions with a fully costed plan to recover the council's finances after years of Tory financial mismanagement at Runnymede.

Our five missions for Runnymede

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Rescue and fix our local services

Runnymede has the fourth highest debt per resident of any local council in the UK.

If the council doesn't get a hold of this situation soon, many services residents rely on will be slashed or vanish completely. Mission 1 of the next Labour administration will be to rescue our local services by reducing the £26m deficit caused by wasteful spending and debt fuelled investments which no longer support sustainable returns for taxpayers.

We would:

  • Cut waste and inefficiency through service reform plans​

  • Reduce the millions that are spent on agency staff

  • Remodel Runnymede's investments to ensure sustainable incomes for services

  • Cut the council's £650m debt, the fourth highest per resident in the UK.

Mission 1: Support you with the cost-of-living

Support you with the rising cost of living

Whilst the Tories hammer hard-working families and pensioners on fixed incomes, Labour's alternative budget would have:

  • Cut council tax bills for low-income working age families with up to a 100% relief and a move to a banded scheme which doesn't penalise those who work long hours.

  • Provided additional security for residents struggling with the rising cost of living by establishing a new, inflation-linked Runnymede Support Fund whilst the future of the Household Support Fund was put into question by the Tories.

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Take the climate crisis seriously

We have succeeded in pushing Labour's climate change action plan, along with other opposition parties, into council policy.


This will:

  • Fix up leaking and run down council homes with new windows, doors and heating systems.

  • Reduce the council's vehicle emissions by 95% with a new fleet of electric or low emission vehicles

  • We will in also in administration seek to set up a Runnymede Green Bond like other local authorities, to empower communities to take leadership in driving a reduction of emissions and be a part of the solution to climate change.

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Improve estates and support young people

Labour's strategy for tackling antisocial behaviour will also tidy up communities and provide more opportunities for young people in Runnymede


We would:

  • Prioritise estate led plans to tidy up communities and facilities that the Tories have let go to wreck and ruin

  • Clean up community spaces ensuring they are cut back, are well kept and are safe to be enjoyed by all local residents

  • Ensure young people are supported with out-of-school activities that they want.

  • Provide a council apprenticeship scheme to give opportunities to young people after they leave school or college

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Grow the economy and support local business

Growing the local economy will allow our communities to thrive and provide more jobs. The key to this is supporting local business.


We would:

  • Ensure re-development schemes in town centres like Chertsey, Addlestone & Egham offer manageable rents so local businesses can succeed

  • Support local enterprise partnerships through regular communication with the council's economic development team, so that policy is made around what local business wants.

  • Build the council's procurement network around principles of community wealth building to prioritise local businesses when the council buys, builds or commissions.

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