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My pledges & priorities

Here are my five pledges to you and five priorities for the Windsor constituency.

Find out what they are and how you can help put them in motion.

My priorities for Runnymede & Weybridge

Read about my priorities for the constituency.

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Get Britain growing again

The British economy has been growing at the slowest rate for two centuries under the Tories. And the small amounts of growth it has seen have not benefited the whole country. The result is the biggest fall in living standards in a generation.

It should be the case that if you work hard and play by the rules, you will get on. But for millions of people that is simply not the case. People are working harder than ever but too often for less reward.

For too long we have lacked economic stability, an industrial strategy, or enough public and private investment to kickstart growth.


There has not been a willingness to reform outdated planning laws that restrict the building of vital new homes on our brown-field land, and, where they have been delivered in Runnymede, the infrastructure and services to support them.

That is why it is time for a change.

I will support a Labour Government that will:

  • Put economic stability first by introducing a new fiscal lock to bring economic security back to our national finances. Because we will never allow a repeat of the devastation of Liz Truss and the Conservatives’ mini-budget that crashed the economy and left working people worse off.

  • Get Britain building again by reforming planning laws to kickstart 1.5 million new homes, transport, clean energy, and new industries in all parts of the country. Because cheaper bills, the chance to own your own home and modern infrastructure are key to growth and the foundations of security.

  • Back British business with a new industrial strategy created in partnership with business to maximise Britain’s strengths in life sciences, digital, creative, financial industries, clean power and automotive sectors. Creating a National Wealth Fund to unlock billions of pounds of private investment, crowding in 3 times the amount of public investment. Because growing businesses are the best route to high paid jobs everywhere. Replacing bussiness rates with a new system that supports small businesses like my own.

  • Kickstart a skills revolution. A new generation of Technical Excellence Colleges, offering more high quality apprenticeships and training opportunities tailored to local jobs in all parts of the country. Because higher skills are good for growth and rising living standards.

  • Make Work Pay by introducing a new deal for working people and delivering a genuine living wage, banning zero hours contracts and ending fire and rehire. Because creating well-paid jobs across all parts of our country will make working people better off and more secure. 


Get the NHS back on its feet

Recent family events have reminded me that it's only a Labour government that can be trusted with the NHS, and our country's health.

The NHS is on its knees. In fact, some would say it’s face down and taking a good kicking from the Tories. We have to get it back on its feet.

The NHS waiting list is now at almost 8 million. Ambulances don’t come when you need them.

The 8am scramble for a GP appointment is the final straw for many patients. Dentistry is in crisis with tooth decay the number one cause of hospital admissions among children aged between six and ten years old.

Waiting times for cancer patients have got worse every year since the Conservatives came to power in 2010. Around, 500,000 suspected cancer patients waited longer than the recommended two weeks to see a specialist after being referred by their GP. Equally the waiting list for community mental health care in England hit 1.2 million last year.


I will support a Labour government that delivers:

  • Faster NHS treatment delivering two million more appointments a year by paying NHS staff more to work evenings and weekends.

  • Fewer cancer deaths by improving early diagnosis for cancer by doubling the number of NHS scanners.

  • 700,000 more urgent dentist appointments.

  • Fast access to mental health services by recruiting 8,500 new NHS mental health staff.

  • A return of the family doctor by cutting red tape so that patients can see the same GP each appointment if they choose to.

All fully funded by scrapping the loophole which allows some mega rich people who live in the UK to avoid paying tax. The mental health professionals including in schools is paid for by ending the tax breaks for private schools.


Switch on Great British Energy

Millions of working people are still suffering from sky-rocketing energy bills – nearly doubling for the average family in recent years.

And people have been hit harder in Britain than other countries, because, thanks to the Tories, Britain’s energy supply is not in British hands and this country is exposed. We’re dangerously dependent on importing oil and gas from unstable international markets.

That means we don’t control our own destiny. When there’s instability abroad, prices shoot up here at home. Look at what’s happened in the last year. As Putin’s war in Ukraine ramped up, so did the price of gas.

The results have been devastating for the finances of ordinary families, whilst oil and gas giants have made record profits.

We need to take control of our energy system.

I will support Labour's Green Prosperity Plan:

  • Energy bills cut once and for all, taking hundreds of pounds off annual household energy bills for families and businesses.

  • Rebuilding Britain’s industrial strength, with good jobs in every part of the country – 500,000 new jobs in our industrial heartlands and coastal communities.

  • Stronger national security and energy independence by using our abundant natural resources so that we can control our destiny.

  • Deliver 100% clean power by 2030 investing in wind, solar, nuclear and hydrogen energy.


Take back our waterways

We are lucky to have such wonderful waterways in our constituency. However, flooding remains a key concern and I will prioritise ensuring adequate funding for effective flood defences, including my ongoing engagement with the developing River Thames Scheme.


Furthermore, we have seen a shocking decline in water quality levels. The Tories have allowed eye-watering levels of sewage discharges in our waterways – 3.6 million hours across England alone in 2023. This has skyrocketed by 54% in the last year alone. This has very real consequences, with waterborne diseases increasing by 60% since 2010. This has got to stop. I support Labour’s campaign to ensure independent supervision of water companies, introducing severe and automatic fines for those who engage in illegal sewage discharges and introduce criminal charges for repeated law-breakers.

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Break down the barriers to opportunity

Being a higher education teacher myself, I know just how important education is to build a foundation for our next generation and break down the barriers to opportunity. Children are the future of this country, so investing in them is investing in our future.


I will support a Labour government that achieves:

  • Higher standards in schools. Recruiting 6,500 more teachers to ensure every child is taught by a specialist, paid for by ending tax breaks for private schools.

  • Better wellbeing for young people. Employing mental health support staff in every school, paid for by ending tax breaks for private schools.

  • Giving every child the best start to the day. Introducing free breakfast clubs in every primary school in England, paid for by closing the loophole which allows some mega rich people who live in the UK to avoid paying tax.

  • Preparing young people for work and life. Give children greater opportunity to study music, sport and the arts by changing the rules about how schools are held accountable.

  • Higher paid jobs through better skills, apprenticeships and training.


Fully paid for by removing tax breaks for private schools, closing the loopholes in Rishi Sunak’s non-dom plan and cracking down on tax dodgers.

Want to help us get Britain's future back?

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