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Your Candidates

Local Elections 2024

Our panel of candidates for the 2024 local elections are a dedicated group of people fighting to get Britain's future back and for our communities. Find out who's standing to represent you below.

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June Tilbury

Addlestone North

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Elaine Percival

Addlestone South


Cai Parry

Chertsey Riverside

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Dr Mark Williams

Chertsey St. Ann's

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Ricky Milstead

Egham Hythe

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Jocelyn Boxall

Egham Town

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Paul Gahir

Englefield Green W.

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Anne Emerson


WhatsApp Image 2024-02-27 at 22.27_edited.jpg

Ben Niblett


Harry & Harry Leafletting Chertsey Bridge Wharf _edited.jpg

Harry Hurst

Woodham & Rowtown

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Gary Dean

Weybridge St. George's Hill


Helen Pilmer

Weybridge Riverside

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