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A general election is just around the corner.

Labour's plan to rescue our local services and lead a mission-driven government relies on you getting involved and voting. Getting a postal vote is quick and easy and leaves you more time in case of an emergency on the day.

This year, you will need photo ID to vote in person.
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Let's get Britain's future back

A mission-driven council for Runnymede

Labour, after 26 years of Tory administration, has a plan to support residents through a mission-driven manifesto and, once in power, an administration dedicated to delivering for residents who have too-long been taken for granted.

Mission 1: Support you with the cost-of-living
Mission 2: Take the climate crisis seriously
Mission 3: Improve estates & tackle antisocial behaviour
Rescue and fix our local services.png
Mission 5: Rescue and fix our local services

Want to get involved? Here's what you can do.

There are so many ways to volunteer with us. All our campaigns rely on people like you fighting for a Britain's future and a better Runnymede.

From knocking on doors and hitting the phones, to leafleting or offering some unique skills to try something new, we are nothing without our team of grassroots activists.

Even if it's your first venture into campaigning, we've always got experienced members who're willing to train and ease you into being a part of our team.

A Labour team out campaigning
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